The main purpose of alarm systems is to protect your property, family and assets from robberies, burglaries and other risks, and can be installed with or without wires.


Due to the optimum need for safety and protection from unwanted visitors, as well as the specialized methods used by criminals, we were dedicated in finding the best professional standards alarm systems selecting products from top manufacturing companies all over the world. Exclusive delegations maintain for years to make our company with distinction in top quality.


Alarm systems Cyprus companies offer different  solutions/ brands of alarm systems. A large range of different models of alarm systems exist offering different functionalities, making your search for the right solution quite a daunting task. 


Below you may find a quick reference guide to choosing alarm systems.


While considering different alarm systems one has to consider the following important factors:


Control Panel

Does the alarm systems control panel support a backup battery to safeguard the system in the case of power outage. If not, all programming will be lost when a power outage occurs. Almost all alarm systems nowadays offer a backup battery.



Is the Siren provided for the alarm systems loud enough? Is there a backup battery included in the Siren to ensure that the siren will give an alarm in case of power outage? The alarm systems siren considered should also provide for a mechanism ( trap ) to ensure that if any wiring is cut or the siren is being removed then the siren will sound to indicate that an intruder is trying to disarm it. 


Motion detectors

Alarm systems Cyprus safety

Careful setup of motion detectors has to be made if there are pets in the house.


Glass Break detectors

Though door and window contacts safeguard your doors and windows in case the intruder opens a window or a door they don’t provide any security in case of glass break. Glass break detectors provide this additional security feature for advance security systems.


Smoke detectors

Alarm systems can be equipped with smoke detectors to allow for a warning ( alarm sounding) in case of fire.


Panic Buttons

Alarms systems ( specially in big company premisses ) are equipped with panic buttons to allow for manual activation of the alarm by the user. 


CCTV cameras

Alarm systems equipped with cctv cameras allow for 24 hour monitoring and/or recording inside or outside your premises. 


Choosing between different  alarm systems may prove to be quite a difficult task and ensuring proper installation  by the alarm systems Cyprus company you choose can prove to be even more important. 


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