in Italian EUROMATIC automation systems.

€ 550 + VAT

Installation and 3 years warranty included !!!

It's Not Luxury ...
... it's necessity!






Κος. Ιάκωβος Κουμή
Διευθυντής Λειτουργίας Συγκροτημάτων

Eγκαταστήσαμε τα Συστήματα Ασφαλείας (Συναγερμού, Καμερών και Πυρανίχνευσης )της VPNS TECHNOLOGY LTD στις εξοχικές κατοικίες και εστιατόρια της ΑΤΗΚ στην Κακοπετριά και στον Πρωταρά εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια. Είμαστε απόλυτα ευχαριστημένοι απο την ποιότητα των προϊόντων, την άμεση ανταπόκριση τεχνικής υποστήριξης τους, τον επαγγελματισμό αλλά και τον συμβουλευτικό/ καθοδηγητικό τους χαρακτήρα όποτε κατέστηκε απαραίτητο.




Anastasia Avraamidou!
Human Resources and Administration Manager
General Constructions Company Ltd!

We have been customers of VPNS TECHNOLOGY LTD since 2009. We have used their Security Systems at all of our construction sites as well as our offices. We are very satisfied with the systems and also the service that we get. They are professionals at what they do and always available when you need them. They are also very good in providing solutions and also, they care for their clients and want them to have the best system for their security and safety and also with the most economic way. The systems used are top quality and trouble-free. I am very pleased to have chosen this company for our needs. I recommend them highly. They are a very reliable and trustworthy company.


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